Steve Pingleton


Highly skilled and multi-talented E-Pro / Prepress Specialist with over 25 years experience in offset, digital, and
large format printing seeks employment with a firm that can benefit from my vast experience and unique skill set.

• Platforms: Macintosh OS X, Windows, UNIX
• Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Quark, PageMaker, Freehand, Metrix, Preps, Quite
Imposing, XMPIE, U-Produce, Fusion Pro, Satori Bulk Mailer, Darwin, Esko iCut, EnFocus PitStop, FlightCheck, ORIS
Color Tuner, Adobe After Effects, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Final Cut Studio, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, File-
Maker Pro, AppleScript, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Entourage, etc.)
• Hardware: Fuji XMF, Rampage, Kodak Prinergy, Scitex Brisque, and Harlequin RIP’s, ZUND, iCut, Graphtec,
Heidelberg TOPAZ II scanner, Fuji Javelin platesetter, Scitex Trendsetter, Fuji Finalproof, Kodak Approval, Epson 9800
proofers, Eye-One Spectrophotometers, X-Rite Densitometers, Roland Hi-Fi Jet FJ-500 large format printer, Xerox
Docutech/ Fiery SPLASH color printers, Konica Minolta Bizhub, Xerox X-700, and Indigo 3000 and 5000 digital presses.

• Prepress Manager for over 2 years for both offset and digital print production, also running digital presses doing
variable data printing, press checks, color management, and prepress and print production.
• High quality large format signage production for large Seattle museum exhibits, corporate and retail displays.
• I was in charge of the Color/ Scanning department of a major commercial printer for over 4 years. Operating a
Heidelberg Topaz II scanner, my duties included scanning transparencies, complex color corrections, retouching,
masking, outlining, sample matching, compositing & proofing.
• Backend development of E-Commerce websites and databases with electronic Prepress department at GAC Seattle.
Automation, development, and production of weekly internet orders using custom scripts, databases, and
press templates and developing an “internet to press” workflow.
• Extensive knowledge of PDF creation and editing, including Pitstop and Quite Imposing automation and Acrobat
multimedia features.
• Developed variable data digital printing techniques for Indigo 5000 Digital presses, Xerox docutech and Fiery
Splash equipment using XML databases, variable text, and graphics input from both MAC and PC platforms.
• Excellent organizational and communication skills, experienced at organizing complex projects, designing
workflows, and automation of repetitive prepress tasks using scripts.
• Prioritizes job requirements, identifies any problem areas, and creates new strategies using the available resources
to meet budget requirements and make deadlines.
• Educates staff and implements new procedures, updates computer systems and networks, based upon
new technologies, hardware, software, and automation capabilities

Bellevue College
Graphics and Animation Certificate Program 2009-2010
CIW Certified Webmaster Program 2003 – XML, JavaScript, and Flash training.
Phoenix Community College
1989-1993 Graphic Arts Major – 2-3 years of core college courses

Photography, computers, and digital video. I also run a skateboarding photography website, and I created, edited
and sell a documentary DVD on the history of skateboarding in Arizona.

Excellent professional and personal references available upon request.



Imagine Visual Service
665 S. Dakota St
Seattle, WA 98108
Supervisor: Ted Ossenfort                                      (206) 281-5703
Electronic Prepress Technician:                          June 2017 to June 2018
• Creating complex design layouts from architectural drawings for interior design elements on walls and glass,
creating large format signage for museums, trade shows, architectural and retail.
• Preflight, setup and assembly and imposition of all large format jobs for signage and museum quality work.
• Graphic design and layout using brand standard guidelines for fonts, logos, and photo layouts.
• Job engineering to determine the most cost efficient layouts for producing prints on many different substrates.
• Color corrections and color swatch creation for many different substrates, including vinyl, fabric, wood, sintra.

4401 E Marginal Way South
Seattle, WA 98134
Supervisor: Wesley Golinski                                     (800) 676-6716
Electronic Prepress Technician:                              August 2015 to February 2017
• Prepress operator using Fuji XMF, Rampage, and Metrix to impose complex files for packaging, envelopes, and
high end offset printing.
• Color corrections, proofing, die cut packaging file building and assembly, using the Adobe CC Creative suite,
Pitstop Pro, ORIS,and more specialized prepress software.
• Making plates on Fuji Javelin using XMF and Rampage, making Epson proofs, doing QC and preflighting of large
volumes of prepress jobs.

Arctic Printing
22314 70th Ave West, Suite 6
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
Supervisor: Michael Stelma                                        425-967-0700
Prepress Manager:                                                      June 2013 to August 2015
• Prepress manager, all prepress duties, preflight, proofing, design, revisions, color corrections, proofing, plating,
and archiving files.
• Press checking jobs with sales, clients, and pressmen to assure high quality printing.
• Engineering jobs and imposing files for both offset and digital printing.
• Ordering supplies, managing servers & equipment, calibrating proofers, running all aspects of running the
prepress department.
• Digital pressman running a Konica Minolta Bizhub1085 and a Xerox/ Creo X700 digital press. Cutting and handling
paper and files, prepping variable data using CREO DARWIN VDP software, and prepping files for bulk mailings,
creating and imposing books.

Printing Control
1011 Andover Park East
Tukwila WA 98188
Supervisor: Terry Wolf                                                206 575-4114
Electronic Prepress Technician:                               October 2012 to June 2013
• Offset and digital printing prepress production using a PRINERGY pdf workflow, METRIX, PREPS and
Pitstop. Typesetting, layout, color corrections, proofing, plating, and quality control.
• Setup of Prepress computers (installing software & networking), and establishing digital workflows.
• Variable data setup for digital printing and bulk mailings using XMPIE, and Satori Bulk Mailer software.
Knowledge of postal regulations and requirements, envelopes, indicias, bar codes, and database management.

Alphagraphics Seattle
3131 Elliott Ave., Suite 100
Seattle WA 98121
Supervisor: Toby Weller                                             206 448-9100
Prepress & Design Technician:                                June 2012 to October 2012
• Variable data setup for digital printing and bulk mailings using XMPIE, U-Produce, Fusion Pro, and Satori Bulk
Mailer software. Knowledge of postal regulations and requirements, envelopes, indicias, bar codes, and database
• Graphic design services for offset and digital printing, as well as large format signage. Typesetting, layout,
color corrections, creating and designing logos, vector artwork, and large format signage.
• Creating complex signage artwork for Kongsberg and Suma cutting using Esko iCut software for creating custom
scoring and dielines for packaging and large format signage layouts.
• Offset and digital printing prepress production using a pdf workflow and Rampage, Quite Imposing, and
Pitstop. Proofing, plating, and quality control.

AdPro Litho
11012 Mukilteo Speedway
Mukilteo, WA 98275
Supervisor: Sandi Lage                                              425 743-3200
Electronic Prepress Technician:                              April 2009 to September 2010
• Preflighting incoming files, typesetting, rebuilding complex electronic art files, color corrections,
and creating complex dielines.
• Imposition and trapping files for high quality offset printing. Platemaking and proofing jobs.
• Calibration of color proofing equipment using spectrophotometer and color profiles (ORIS Color Tuner).

McCallum Print Group
4700 9th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Supervisor: Eric Izenas / Bob Campisi                  Out of Business
Electronic Prepress Technician:                              December 2004 to January 2009
• Imposition and trapping files using Rampage workflow on Mac OS X for CTP and digital proofing. Expertise with
many different prepress equipment systems including Rampage, Prinergy EVO, Harlequin, and HP Indigo digital
presses. Creation of CIP-4 and PPF data files for 6 color Komori presses and cutters.
• Variable data prepress workand training for Indigo 3000 digital presses using Yours Truly, and XMPIE software.
Setting up Quark templates, preparing graphics and database text.
• CTP platemaking using Fuji Javelin platesetter, and Preps. Proofing using Fuji FinalProof and HP Doubleproofer.
Envelope setup and production, expert knowledge of die cutting techniques, folding and conversion.

Graphic Arts Center Seattle
(aka: Mailwell > Cenveo)
832 South Fidalgo St.
Seattle, WA 98108
Supervisor: Amy Clifton / Jay Gilbert                         Out of Business
E-Commerce – Electronic Prepress Technician:      June 2001 to May 2003
• Automation of E-Commerce websites with electronic prepress department. Developing press templates and web
graphics, processing weekly orders using automated imposition scripts for a “internet to press” workflow. Integrating
data direct from the internet (using variable data type and graphics created by users on the web) to Scitex
CTP and Xerox Docutech, both offset and digital printing equipment. Working closely with IT department on new
• Assisted development of many new E-Commerce websites. Duties included interface design, writing HTML, Javascript,
and Lasso code, relational database creation, and networking. Managing job files, beta testing e-commerce
websites, debugging scripts, configuring server/ network software and hardware, and meeting with sales
and clients.
• File prep and assembly for high quality printing using Scitex Brisque Extreme – Preps CTP (computer to plate)
workflow. Custom trapping complex files using Scitex software, Presstouch and Full Auto Frame on both MAC andUNIX platforms.

Capitol City Press / Designers Service Bureau
2975 37th Ave SW
Olympia, WA 98512
Supervisor: Mike Thompson – Dave Olson                 360 943-3556
Prepress Specialist:                                             August 1997 to May 2001
• Head of color Scanning department, operating a Heidelberg TOPAZ II scanner, using LinoColor 6.0. Scanning,
mounting, and making color corrections (in CMYK, RGB, and LAB). Color management duties (measure color targets
and create curves and profiles) for calibration of Xerox Docutech / SPLASH color proofer and Roland 8-color Hi-Fi
Jet FJ-500 large format printer. Determining dot gain values for presses, and calibration of CCP color department
equipment and all imagesetters output.
• Electronic prepress production, trap and impose (using PREPS and Trapwise) all types of Macintosh and PC files
for film separations on Scanview Dotmate, ECRM, Linotype Hell imagesetters, using Harlequin RIP’s.
• Advise and train Prepress operators, hardware and software recommendations, software inventory and equipment
Note: Capitol City Press bought Designers Service Bureau as of January 2000, I worked for DSB 2 1/2 years. The
two businesses were under the same roof, and they literally cut the wall down between to merge the two companies.
CCP was Designer’s primary client, so I actually worked with Capitol City Press for almost 4 years total.

Rainier Color, Inc.
3311 South 120th Place Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98168
Supervisor: Robin Ross / Gary Scott                        Out of Business
Electronic Prepress Technician:                                September 1994 to February 1997
• Heidelberg DAVINCI workstation operator making critical color corrections. Trap, impose, and output quality
color separations for printing projects for major clients (such as Microsoft, Boeing, and ad agencies).
• Prepress technician in high quality color trade shop work using “mac stripping” techniques to trap and impose
electronic files to output color separations from many different computer platforms. Macintosh file conversion
and interface with Linotype Hell Davinci (UNIX), and Contex prepress systems.
• Calibration and quality control of two Linotype Herkules imagesetters with Rip 60 interface. Making Kodak Approval
digital proofs and QC of films and proofs.

This is a list of jobs I held in Electronic Prepress since I moved to Seattle in 1994, listed to illustrate my many years
of Computer Graphics experience. Before 1994, I was a Prepress Stripper – Process Camera operator for 4-5 years in
Phoenix, Arizona (references available upon request), so I am very familiar with traditional
Prepress and Bindery techniques as well